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We are passionate about disruptive digital business models and about the companies that develop them and bring them to market. We serve „legacy“ and „new“ companies in developing, reviewing and implementing their growth strategies and transformation agendas.

We support our clients along the entire process, starting with a diagnosis of the strategic challenges all the way to anchoring change within the organization. Our client service is rooted in three core values: highest professionalism, confidentiality and results orientation.

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Strategy and Growth

Many industries are currently experiencing fundamental change. New digital devices, new user expectations, new habits and preferences are emerging. What this means: (almost) nothing remains as before, (almost) everything needs to be questioned and reinvented.

In this challenging context, we help our clients develop clear strategies and agendas, both in further developing their core business and in diversifying via M&A. Our support is grounded in a broad project experience in many segments of the media and travel industries, as well as in many years of closely following trends in international reference markets, especially the US.

Example projects

Leading print publisher

Developed investment criteria for digital M&A activities and identified relevant acquisition targets in selected market segments, incl. the US market

Renowned magazine publisher

Identified new growth areas, based on comprehensive trends research and interviews with advertiser clients

Strategic investor

Conducted several due diligences in the travel/leisure space (vacation rentals, travel lead generation etc.)

Organizational Development

Even the clearest strategy can fall flat without adequate support within the organization. A highly refined action plan can fail if it meets with ineffective processes during the implementation phase. That is why organizational development is one of our focus areas. In supporting our clients, we give special priority to jointly developing recommendations and project results together with the project team and the relevant stakeholders.

We have broad project experience in supporting complex processes – e.g. post-merger integration and multi-year transformation programs – in smaller and larger organizations, as well as in improving business processes and ways of working.

Example projects

Leading magazine publisher

Developed a multi-year transformation plan and change agenda in close alignment with the Board of Management

Cable TV provider

Reviewed the effectiveness of the organizational structure and core processes via several benchmarking tools, comprehensive management interviews and Board workshops

Pay-TV provider

Led a post-merger integration program in a complex multi-cultural environment

Clients and references

Christian Kraus Consulting serves renowned and leading companies in Germany and the rest of Europe (e.g., Switzerland, UK, France, Netherlands, Poland). Our clients represent a broad range of sectors, including media, digital, travel/leisure, and retail.

As a matter of principle, we treat all client names and project details with highest confidentiality. We are happy to provide personal references upon request.

Christian Kraus

Christian Kraus is an independent management consultant and an expert for digital business models and organizational development. Before founding his own consulting firm, he spent over 7 years with McKinsey & Company, where he was involved in more than 40 consulting projects, including 20+ as project leader. Christian is a frequent guest speaker on digital topics, e.g., as an invitee of the VDZ (Association of German Magazine Publishers).

Christian has a large network of independent professionals and subject-matter experts, which he can access for larger projects and topics that require specialized expertise.

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